Klowns Psychedelic

Two maniac clowns, tracking down victims – girls walking alone, accidentally meet.

A dispute arises about the identity of the victim. In order not to overlap and not create problems for each other, the clowns need to solve the territorial issue, but this turns out to be not so easy, since they are psychopathic maniacs not particularly burdened with intellect. The situation is complicated by the fact that they both speak different languages, one of the clowns does not hear and uses sign language in communication. Their criminal paths constantly intersect, and in disputes about the next victim, both clowns each time lose, fortunately for the girls who fell into the deadly trap. Despite the fact that each time the clowns get to know each other better, the situation heats up with each theirs meeting.

About the film
Клоуны Психоделика
Name in Russian
Klowns Psychedelic
Name in English
Короткометражный фильм