Laureates of the Second Moscow Deaf Film & Visual Arts Festival “The World through Silence”

06 October, 2021

Best Feature Film

Drama, Directed by Anar Abbasov, Russia 2019

Street dancer Anton is making a rapid career – his team wins all battles, he is a recognized choreographer and his whole future is connected with dance.

However, an accident destroys all plans – Anton loses his hearing, and with him all hopes.

Special Jury Award

Best actor – Riz Ahmad
Best support actor – Paul Raci

Sound of Metal.
Drama, Directed by Darius Marder, USA, Belgium 2019

Ruben is a former drug addict who has turned into an addiction and is overly committed to a healthy lifestyle.

But suddenly during one performance, he hears that his percussion instruments are not making a trademark sound, but a dull hum. The film, twice winner of the American Academy of Film Arts “Oscar” 2021.

Best Film Director

Drama, Directed by David Ellington, UK 2019

Hope is a lighthearted, cheerful, deaf teenager who has been diagnosed with death by doctors. Who will change her entire subsequent life and the life of her loved ones?

Best Short Film

Drama, Directed by Erika Davis-Marsh, USA 2019

KODA is a child of deaf adults – she grew up with two parents who cannot hear. Alexa is studying at the conservatory and is struggling to find her voice.

The Best Movies with an Ensemble Cast

Still Here.
Comedy Directed by Louis Neethling, UK

The three friends from the Deaf Club have been together for over 30 years. When Ruby falls ill, their lives turn to turmoil. Relationships are put to the test, and the sudden realization that they are all old, and can also suddenly and seriously become ill, exacerbates the situation.

Best actress

To Know Him.
Drama, Directed by Ted Evans, UK 2019

As a result of a tragic accident, Sarah’s friend dies. She tries to find his hearing father, and inform him of the misfortune. But in order to find a common language with this person, Sarah overcomes the difficult barrier of communication with him.

Prize for the most relevant film about the life of the deaf.

Tragically Deaf.
Comedy, Directed by Maxx Corkindale, UK 2019 RU

A story about a young deaf man who is considered unhappy by the surrounding hearing people.

Best Cinematography

Soul to Keep.
Drama Directed by David Allensworth, USA 2018

An unknown but powerful force pursues family and their friends in an old country house. The main characters of this film are deaf people who in this story accidentally find themselves in a confined space. With this story, the director of the film wants to draw a kind of parallel between the deaf and hearing worlds.


My New Daddy.
Directed by Vladimir Cherniavskv, Russia 2019

The story of how one little deaf girl meets a new hearing dad. “Dad” does not know gestures and the charming little one resolutely does not want to be friends with him. At the request of her mother, the girl begins to teach her new father Sign Language.

Student Award of the organizing committee

Clowns. Psychedelic.
Directed by Andrey Andreikin, Russia 2020

The film tells that not always a good person is hiding behind a clown mask. But in any life situation, good triumphs over evil.