The Third th International Film and Visual Arts Festival “Peace through Silence” will be held in Moscow

17 September, 2021

The Third th International Film and Visual Arts Festival “Peace through Silence” will be held in Moscow

May 27-28, 2023 Moscow will host the Third International Film and Visual Arts Festival “The World Through Silence”, designed to support people with hearing impairments, help them to reveal their potential, draw public attention to their lives and the problems they face collide.

The organizer of the festival is the creative non-profit organization “The World Without Silence”, with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the All-Russian Society of the Deaf, the Union of Cinematographers of Russia, the Moscow Theater of Mimics and Gestures.

According to the World Health Organization, in 2021 there were more than 500 million people with hearing impairment in the world. In the Russian Federation, according to various sources, this figure ranges from 9 to 14 million. At the same time, our society knows practically nothing about how deaf people live, how they show their creative abilities because among them there are many talents who find it difficult to fully reveal their potential due to a variety of stereotypes. Destroying these stereotypes, changing the attitude of society towards accepting people with hearing problems, giving their creativity a chance to be seen these are the tasks set by the organizers of “The World Through Silence” festival.

Cinema is one of the most effective means of helping to show in all colors the stories of talented deaf people on the big screen, to reveal their innermost feelings, to push viewers to their own conclusions and discoveries. For three days, the festival will feature Russian and foreign films that are directly related to the depiction of the life and culture of deaf people, tapes in sign language, and works created by the deaf filmmakers themselves. All films are dubbed and provided with Russian subtitles.

The festival jury will select the best pictures. The winners in 11 competitive nominations will receive festival awards. In addition to competitive screenings, the festival program includes an exhibition of works by deaf artists and photographers, meetings of spectators with producers, directors, actors, artists.

The grand opening of the film festival will take place at the “Tula” cinema on May 27, 2023. As part of the opening, a screening of the picture “CODA”, a tree times winner of the “Oscar”, will take place.

Free Entrance.

“The most important task of the festival is to interest and activate the deaf themselves by reproducing and promoting original material about themselves, to show the general public the life of deaf people in various guises, to make the unknown ordinary , – says the founder, President and Artistic Director of “The World Through Silence” festival Alexander Genievsky. – Because of ignorance and misunderstanding, as you know, more and more conflicts grow in this world. And finally, so that we become self-sufficient, have the opportunity to create in this direction of art and we have not only our own original cinema, but also our own literature, and with it – a story was written on the big screen. ”